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The Top 9 Most Likely Places To Encounter Bobcats In The United States

Bobcats are elusive and fascinating creatures native to North America. They are known for their beautiful fur coats, tufted ears, and short tails. If you’re interested in seeing a bobcat in the wild, here are nine places in the United States where you might have a chance encounter.

1. Arizona

The rugged landscapes of Arizona, including the Grand Canyon and various national forests, provide ample habitat for bobcats. Keep your eyes peeled while hiking or camping in these areas, especially during dawn and dusk when bobcats are most active.

2. Texas

The vast wilderness areas of Texas, such as Big Bend National Park and the Hill Country, are home to healthy bobcat populations. Look for them near water sources or along the edges of forests.

3. California

From the Sierra Nevada mountains to the coastal redwood forests, California offers diverse habitats where bobcats thrive. Wildlife enthusiasts can spot them in places like Yosemite National Park and Joshua Tree National Park.

4. Florida

In the swamps and wetlands of Florida, bobcats are skilled hunters. Everglades National Park and various wildlife refuges provide opportunities to observe these elusive felines in their natural environment.

5. Colorado

The Rocky Mountains of Colorado are not just a haven for skiers and hikers but also for bobcats. Keep an eye out for them in wooded areas and meadows, especially during the cooler months.

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BuzzTrail's unique web-stories are the cure for boredom you've been waiting for.

6. New Mexico

With its mix of deserts, mountains, and forests, New Mexico is another hotspot for bobcat sightings. Explore places like Santa Fe National Forest and Gila National Forest for a chance to encounter these wild cats.

7. Maine

In the northeastern United States, Maine’s vast forests and rugged coastline provide ideal habitat for bobcats. Look for them near marshes, streams, and areas with dense vegetation.

8. Oregon

The Pacific Northwest, including Oregon’s Cascade Range and coastal forests, is home to a thriving bobcat population. Wildlife enthusiasts can spot them while exploring state parks and wildlife reserves.

9. North Carolina

The Appalachian Mountains and coastal regions of North Carolina offer diverse landscapes where bobcats are often found. Keep your camera ready while exploring places like Great Smoky Mountains National Park and Croatan National Forest.


While encountering a bobcat in the wild requires patience, respect for their habitat, and a bit of luck, these nine places in the United States offer some of the best opportunities for a memorable wildlife experience. Remember to observe from a safe distance and enjoy the beauty of these magnificent animals in their natural surroundings.

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